Going Back

This cycle was a negative. DH and I had a long talk, and have decided we are in the home stretch. Time for a Hail Mary.

I’ve always thought of this “journey” as a process; an evolution through time, with ups and downs, information gathering, changing, etc.. However, after several years and God-knows-how-many tries (the last few months really bringing us to a head), we have come to a point where we need to see an end in sight. We feel that the resources – emotional, physical, and financial – we have put into trying to have a child are better placed into having a fuller life with the two of us.

As such, we are giving this one final UMPF. We are going to complete the last two cycles in our guarantee with Reprofit (the Risk Sharing Program (Scroll down to “Risk Sharing Programme” in that link))…the one where we pay for two DE IVF cycles with frozen eggs, and if we still haven’t brought a baby home, the third cycle is FREE. If we just saved money, we wouldn’t be going back for at least another year. We don’t want to wait that long to move to our next chapter (whether that be pregnancy or enjoying life with just us).

So, modeling after my friend who has gone, we’ve made the extremely hard decision to tap into our IRA to fund these last trips. My friend was actually able to take out a loan against her 401k at 4.5% to pay for their trip, but that wasn’t an option for us; it was liquidate a portion or take nothing. Not a light decision to make, given that 1) while we won’t take a hit up front (taking from DH’s 403b would be a 40% hit + income tax…YIKES), we will have to pay income taxes on what we withdraw, and 2) I’m 38, soon to be 39, and DH is 35. After losing a good chunk of our retirement in 2008 (fuck the American bankers who caused that shit show, by the way), we switched everything to be very conservative. We want to be able to retire before 80, so this is no small matter to tap our savings early.

But, we are both still working. That’s the plus side. We’ll be buckling down the budget to essentially repay that money as fast as we can. And cross our fingers that the stork takes pity and sends us a little love in the form of pink or blue.

I’ve emailed Eva to get the ball rolling. DH will be flying over to Czech mid-April to leave two sperm deposits; one to fertilize the 10 eggs we currently have frozen/reserved, and one as a backup in case a third (and final) attempt is needed. I will fly over the last week of April for transfer.

My medications / protocol will be fairly simple. I’ll have an endometrial scratch toward the end of my current cycle, and start estrogen supplementation with CD 1 of my next cycle. I will also start taking 5 mg Prednisone on CD 1. I’ll have to talk with my hematologist about when to start the Heparin, but I’m guessing it will be on CD 6 (bleeding has stopped, and estrogen supps bring a higher risk of clots). Ultrasound on CD 13 to check lining, start Crinone 8% 2x daily on CD 14 if the lining is good, and have transfer (likely two embryos) on CD 19. Relax at home for a week and see what the fates bring.

Wish us luck!

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