A Reprofit Update

Even though it’s not my news, I feel the absolute highest obligation to share a happy update with all of you!

A while back, I posted a picture of my dear friend’s ultrasound picture. It showed a wee little yolk sac and bean. My friend had gone to Reprofit and had two double donor embryos (donor egg and donor sperm) implanted. Here’s an update:

“It is with great joy that (we) present to you our gorgeous baby girl! She was born March 1, 2016 and is a healthy 8lb 3oz and 21 inches long! I always said that Reprofit gave me hope! My dreams have all come true!! 

And here she is!


To my dear friend – you know who you are – congratulations!! I am so proud of you, and I am tearing up right now for all of the joy this sweet girl has brought into your life.

To my readers, I list this update to give you HOPE. Reprofit DOES make dreams come true.

Love to you all. x

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