So much catching up to do!

And things to tell! I don’t even know where to start. In any case, expect a flurry of posts…

I did take some notes when I wasn’t resting/sleeping/exploring. For now, however, I guess I could begin with the fact that I started getting sick the day after my last writing. I woke up in the middle of the night completely stuffed up, with a scratchy throat/cough, and a splitting headache. My husband (and what seems like everyone else near me) had been sick in the previous 1-2 weeks, but I thought I was out of the woods in that regard. Nope! And all I could think was, “oh for the love of…seriously?! I get raging sick a few days before the scheduled transfer?!? Great. Just great. We’ve spent $10k for me to get sick at the crucial moment and this to not work.”

I emailed Mag first thing and let her know what was going on. She got back to me very quickly with a list of medications I could take both before and after transfer. She also told me to relax; women get pregnant while sick ALL the time. That my uterus was the perfect spot for the embryos (or “Babycakes,” as my stepson named them). She then actually called the hotel room to find out how I was doing and give further instructions. She then gave hubby directions to a local pharmacy and called the pharmacy to speak to them in Czech, making sure hubby would pick up what I needed. (Dr. Max Pharmacy. Good to note: unlike here in Colorado, stores with a green cross represent a pharmacy. Also good to note: most of them are closed on Sundays. However, the Dr. Max in Vaňkovka Shopping Center (next to the giant Tesco behind the Brno Main Train Station) is open if you need anything.). We were so thankful for her!!!

I ended up taking a pain reliever/fever reducer called Paralen. It definitely did the trick for headache. I also started using Muconasal Plus…good grief, that stuff is amazing! It was like shooting cool menthol up into my nostrils; cleared me up completely for a full 12 hours. The last thing I used at the time was Strepsils, which eased my cough and sore throat. After transfer, I wouldn’t be able to use the Muconasal Plus, so hubby picked up Vincentka Spray. I also downed chamomile tea with honey like it was going out of style. Everything worked so well that we stocked up before leaving the Czech Republic! I really was feeling much better after a few days, and even though I’m hanging on to just a tad of congestion, I’m good with where I’m at.

Just something to note…I’m going to try experimenting with adding media/photos to my posts. Sometimes describing something with words just doesn’t work as well as posting a picture. If it works, I may go back and update a post or two with pics.


Brno Vankovka


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