We’re in the Czech Republic!

Though it is a bit surreal, and it hasn’t quite hit home for me yet, being here feels very, very good!

We’ve been talking about and planning this trip for what feels like forever, and here I am typing this up not too far away from where my donor eggs are ready for fertilization.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to book us on Lufthansa for the flight to Prague from the U.S. I’m glad I did…even in regular/economy class, the service was excellent, the seats were roomy (for economy), and we got a great selection of free movies for the trip. Being accustomed to the U.S. culture of “nickel and dime,” we brought money on the plane with us to buy food/drinks during the trip. Turns out that was unnecessary; we got dinner (salad, bread roll, desert, Tillamook cheese/wheat crackers, either chicken/rice/veggies or pasta with pesto/tomato sauce, and wine), breakfast (scrambled eggs, spinach, hash browns, fresh fruit, coffee/tea/juice), and a snack (yummy salami/cheese/fresh peppers sandwich with coffee/tea/juice/wine)…all for free (even the wine!). Also, Europeans apparently feel we, as Americans, were trustworthy enough to use REAL silverware for our dinner meal. *gasp* We didn’t want to spend the extra money, but I can only imagine that upgraded economy and business class were pretty great (I think it was business class we saw that had chairs that reclined to beds. First class was on the upper level of the plane, and we didn’t get to looky-loo. 😦  )

Check in was easy online, and in order to avoid the hassle of checked/potentially lost luggage, we only brought carry-ons with us. 1 rolling case and 2 backpacks, all of which hubby could carry alone, as I was told not to carry luggage (or anything else over 25 lbs) after transfer.

We took an overnight flight into Frankfurt with a transfer to Prague, arriving at about 2 pm local time. I knew we would be zonked and not really in the mood to deal with finding a city center hotel from the airport, so I booked us into the Prague Airport Courtyard Marriott. It’s walking distance from the arrival terminal, and we were able to point it out as we were getting off the plane. After 13 hours of travel, it was quite nice to just walk over, eat some dinner, and crash for the night. We got a rate of €79 (about $83 as of this writing) per night on Booking.com, with a GREAT breakfast buffet included (seriously…Europeans really know how to do fresh food.).

Today, we caught a train from Prague to Brno, and have checked in to the Grand Hotel. It’s not too far from the clinic, is centrally located, and is right across from the street from the train station (ease of travel was my theme this trip).

Tomorrow, we go to the clinic for fertilization. I’ll also post some information on changing currency and using both the public transport and train systems here. They are easy and dirt cheap, but not without some must-knows. For now, however, it is 11:30pm and I am sleepy!

Until tomorrow….x

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