Six weeks out and we have a donor!

I don’t even know where to start on this one. The emotion is a little overwhelming (in a very happy way).

My husband and I had a Skype chat with Mag from My IVF Alternative on Sunday. It lasted about an hour and a half; she went over my protocol in detail to make sure we understood everything, and to make sure all of our questions were answered.

To begin, she went over the first medication I will be taking: Diphereline Depot. Mag said the shot will be active in my system for about 6 weeks. She also said that the injection is a little bit different than previous injections I’ve had to reconstitute (i.e. Cetrotide) in that instead of dissolving quickly into a clear liquid, it will take 1-2 minutes of gently rotating the bottle to get it to dissolve. Once it does, it will be a cloudy liquid. She also recommended 1) that when I get the shot, I should be lying down on my stomach in order to have my glut muscle as relaxed as possible, 2) I can take the shot any time of day, and 3) my shot-giver should inject slowly, over the count of 3. I’m not gonna lie…the needle scares the hell out of me (says the woman who spent over 2 hours on a table getting a giant tattoo over her back/ribs/shoulder).

Next she talked about the Estrogen tabs with me. I mentioned that my local RE talked about the patch, but she was adamant that I remain with the tabs. This is so the RE in Czech knows exactly how much estrogen I’m getting in my body if they need to adjust my dosage. She said I should take the tabs with food, as they can upset the stomach a little bit. Also, regardless of whether I have insurance or not, she said I can take my prescription for the medication to a Walmart pharmacy and they will fill a 3-month script for about $10. Ah-mazing.

Aaaand now on to the good stuff. We have accepted their offer of a donor! We have 8 quality eggs from a woman who is: 22, blood type O+ (my blood group/RH), 176 cm (5ft7in) tall, 58 kg (127 lbs), green eyes / brown hair (I have brown eyes, but my mom has green eyes and my brother has blue eyes, so I am okay with this). She also has a bachelor’s degree and enjoys outdoor sports, traveling, meeting new people, and reading. The clinic said, “she has presented herself to be a very pleasant and outgoing person,” and they feel she is a good match for me. She will also provide us with a second set of 8 eggs for Reprofit’s family completion program.

These are SO MANY more details than I expected to receive, and it has put my heart and mind at ease. Up until now, there as been a very small voice in my head, asking if this baby really would feel like mine. But getting her details put that entire thought process to bed; this will be my baby. He/she will grow inside of me using my blood, my proteins, my sugars, my organs to build him/herself. Someone else may have provided the blueprints, but my body will provide all of the materials and construction space for 10 months. I will build my baby.

And I am more thankful than I could ever possibly express to this wonderful, lovely young woman who is so generously providing those blueprints. It takes a special person indeed to give the gift of life to a couple, and nothing I could say to her seems like it could ever be enough.


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