Sh*t’s Starting to Get Real

And I’m STILL having a hard time believing this is really happening in just over 4 months.

I’ve been off the radar for a bit, but a lot of plans have been solidified. Let me go in order and get the details out on the interwebs (tee hee):

To start, we signed a contract with MyIVFAlternative in June and paid a deposit of €700 in order to secure our treatment date. I had my husband – the law student – read through everything (he’s very much a contract control freak), and he said it looked on the up and up. We got a week to review the contract and sign/return to Magdalena, but if you need more time, she is more than willing to accommodate. If you don’t have a good grasp of contracts, or have worries/concerns about your contract should you go through MIA, I would recommend taking the time you need and have someone you trust go over it with you. I won’t list the entire 6 page contract here, but it basically detailed services provided/not provided, compensation/payment schedule/method, items we are responsible for understanding (payments are non-refundable except under medical circumstances, we agree to complete all of our paperwork and protocol instructions, etc.), and general terms and conditions (her legal liability/protections as a third party contractor, our information provided to her would be disclosed to no one other than the pertinent staff at Reprofit, etc.).

We also received additional documents to get back to Magdalena. I filled out a Donor Recipient Questionnaire; this is the form the clinic will use to match me with a donor. I listed my name, birthdate, height/weight, hair/eye/skin color, blood group/RH, education, and hobbies. I was also asked to submit a picture of myself, and list any additional preferences my husband and I want in our donor (from what I understand, we will be given our donor information within a few weeks of our treatment date.). I used this spot to ask that we be given a donor that had additional eggs frozen so we could reserve them for a future/sibling cycle. An emergency contacts sheet was also filled out, as were forms that we will give directly to the clinic on our treatment date: Application for Artificial Fertilization, Informed Consent, Personal Identification/Information. We will also need to provide the clinic with a signed copy of our identification (e.g., ID, passport, etc. I didn’t think this was weird, as my RE here in the US requested a copy of ID and insurance card as well).

Once all of our documents were filled out/submitted, Magdalena sent us a wealth of information on traveling to Europe/Czech. We received packets she had written on local accommodation, European/Czech culture and customs, Czech history, everyday differences to expect between the US and Czech (you have to pay a small fee to use a public loo in Czech…always carry a little cash!), transportation (how to look up/book trains, buses, taxis, car hires, personal drivers, etc., along with how much we should expect to pay for each. Although, she didn’t recommend renting (called “hiring” in Europe) a car, as parking and gas are quite expensive. Not to mention a major overhaul is currently being completed on the highway between Prague and Brno.). The guides have been a huge help, as they have saved me a TON of time sifting through travel forums to cherry-pick information relevant to my trip. The information has been invaluable to my husband who, as I previously mentioned, has never been to Europe.

Okay, I think that’s a start. I also have a travel planning post currently in the works that should be up soon. I will be posting all the info I can about booking and getting around as it happens. I also have many other posts floating around my brain (finally put down onto my notepad) about embryo donation, Fragile-X, egg donation in general, and a host of other topics. Work in progress…



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