Questions, Questions, Questions

As promised, here is the list of questions my husband and I had before  (and during) moving forward with MyIVFAlternative and Reprofit. If there is anything else you have questions on, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can find out.

What is the full cost of a frozen donor egg treatment cycle?

  • €4000 for treatment (as posted on Reprofit’s website), $599 coordination fee for MyIVFAlternative, $300 for a personal host. (If you want to do a fresh donor egg cycle, that is €4500.) In USD total for treatment, coordination, and personal host, we’re paying $6271 (If we add $2600 in airfare and $1000 for food/hotel/sightseeing/shopping, consider that my insurance will cover the estrogen and progesterone, this brings the TRUE total to about $9870. Quite a far cry from $40,000 for DE IVF stateside.).

What does the fee for treatment include?

  • Medical history review, treatment protocol establishment, cryopreserved donor eggs (at least 8), STD analysis and sperm analysis at the time of fertilization, fertilization of all mature eggs via ICSI, assisted hatching, extended embryo cultivation (they culture to 5 day blasts), embryo transfer, cryopreservation of surplus quality embryos and their storage for 1 year, ultrasound exam of the recipient, and donor’s compensation.

Who deals with any unforseen issues/changes with the clinic (i.e., who assumes liability)?

  • Magdalena / MyIVFAlternative

Outside of travel, lodging, and food, are there any other items we will be responsible for securing?

  • Medications – either locally or Mag can help arrange from abroad (for DE IVF, I will need estrogen and progesterone).

When going through MyIVFAlternative, what is the payment schedule?

  • €700 due at signing of contract to secure a treatment date. The remainder can be paid through installments, with the full amount due 4 weeks prior to the treatment date.

Can we reserve additional frozen eggs from our donor for a potential future sibling cycle? How much would that cost?

  • Yes. It will cost between €90-€250 (1-5 years). If we reserve eggs for 5 years but end up using them earlier, we will be refunded for the “unused” storage years.

How soon can I start a treatment?

  • I believe the waiting time right now for a DE cycle if you contact Reprofit directly is 9-12 months (it may vary; if you’re reading this and want an up to date estimate, I recommend emailing the clinic.). Mag however, as a preferred business associate of Reprofit, can secure a treatment date within a month or two (need time for all of the paperwork, getting a protocol, and getting your cycle sorted, etc.). If you’re impatient, this might be THE go-to reason you pay a little extra and chose a concierge over contacting the clinic directly. It wasn’t an issue for us in the end, as hubby and I were only able to secure a couple of weeks’ time off together in January 2015 (roughly 5 1/2 months from the time of this writing). 

How long should we plan on being there/what will our schedule be for DE IVF?

  • I’ll list our itinerary for this one. Jan 4: Leave for Czech. Jan 5: Arrive Prague and spend the night at an airport hotel. Jan 6: 2.5 hr train to Brno and get settled. Jan 7 (Day 0): Fertilization – hubby makes his…ahem…”deposit” at the clinic.). Jan 8 – Jan 11 (Day 1 – 4 of embryo growth): Sightsee (Prague, Vienna, whatever strikes our fancy). Jan 12 (Day 5): Back in Brno for embryo transfer. Jan 13: Head back to Prague; stay at airport hotel. Jan 14: Fly home. About 10 days total.

Once we receive the contract to review/sign, how do we get our deposit (and future payments) to MyIVFAlternative?

  • I did an online bill pay (i.e., sent a check directly from my bank account) to the business address given to us by Magdalena. The methods she listed, however, include personal check, bank direct deposit or wire transfer, and credit card via PayPal (additional processing fee of 3%).

Do any hotels/apartments in Brno or Prague offer discounts for patients coming to Reprofit?

  • She does have negotiated accommodations for her clients in Brno. As for Prague, the competition drives prices to be low.

Does she know of any good acupuncture/massage places in Brno? (I had heard in passing that acu prior to ET was a good thing.)

  • From Mag: “European acupuncturists usually focus on the ear, which can be pretty painful. And if you’ve ever worked with an acupuncturist, they will tell you that they treat the body as a whole and not a specific problem. I recommend, and women enjoy, a fertility massage. Much better, and cheaper.” But if I asked for either one, she would direct me. (After talking with a few ladies on the Facebook Reprofit International Chit Chat board, I chose the fertility massage.) She will be arranging a couples massage for both the hubs and I once we are in Brno.

How is my donor chosen?

  • By Czech law, gamete donation (sperm and egg) is mutually anonymous (all donors are of Czech nationality). We will not be allowed any information about our donor other than height/weight, eye/hair color, blood type, and education (bachelor’s degree is required minimum education). This does not, however, mean that I am paired with a random donor. I filled out a donor recipient questionnaire that asked the following about me: blood group/RH, height/weight, eye/hair color, skin color, education, and hobbies. I was also asked to provide a picture of myself, and list any preferences we would like to be kept in mind when they search for our donor. From what I understand, they’re pretty damn good at what they do. I’ve seen pictures from a few women who have gone there, and their DE babies look eerily like a spitting image of said women.

What tests or treatment do I need to have done prior to leaving for Brno / DE IVF?

  • Ultrasound immediately following my period to check endometrium and uterine cavity for fibroids, scarring, etc. Pap smear, prenatal checkup, prenatal vitamins (with folic acid), and – if applicable – a mammogram.

Does my husband need any testing done (we’ll be using his sperm)?

  • Blood: HIV 1 and 2, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C. Sperm: analysis if never done OR concerned that there may be an issue.

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